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Albatrellus cinepore: where it grows and what it looks like

Albatrellus cinepore (Albatrellus caeruleoporus) is a species of tinder fungus from the Albatrell family. Belongs to the genus Albatrellus. As saprophytes, these fungi convert woody remains into fertile humus.

Where does albatrellus cinepore grow

Albatrellus cinepore is common in Japan and North America; it is not found in Russia. Loves coniferous and mixed, pine-deciduous forests. It settles in dead woods, under the crowns of trees, in forest glades, in large groups. If mushrooms grow on a steep slope or upright substrate, they are arranged in tiers. Often they form single organisms fused with legs of a dozen or more fruiting bodies on a fleshy stem. They rarely grow alone.

Attention! Albatrellus cinepore, unlike other species of tinder fungus, grows on forest waste, choosing moist places with a large number of decaying wood remains.

Albatrellus cinepore grows in groups of 5 or more fruiting bodies

What does albatrellus cinepore look like?

The cap of young mushrooms is smooth, spherical-spherical, with edges curled downwards. It can be even or have 1-2 folds. As it grows, the cap becomes umbellate, and then outstretched disc-shaped, slightly concave in the central part. The edges remain curved downward. Smooth, sometimes serrated-wavy and folded. The surface is dry, rough in drought, with small scales. Grayish blue in youth, then fades and darkens to ashy gray with a brownish or reddish tint. Diameter from 0.5 to 6-7 cm.

The surface of the inner spongy layer is gray-blue; the pores are angular, of medium size. Dried mushrooms take on a rich ashy or red color.

The pulp is thin, up to 0.9 cm thick, elastic-dense during the wet period, reminiscent of hard cheese in consistency, woods in drought. Color from white-cream to light ocher and red-orange.

The leg is fleshy, it can be cylindrical, curved, with a thickening towards the root, or tuberous irregular in shape. The color ranges from snow-white and blue to grayish and ash-purple. The length can vary from 0.6 to 14 cm and from 0.3 to 20 cm in diameter. In places of damage or cracks, a brown-reddish flesh appears.

The hymenophore is spliced ​​with the leg, sometimes descends along it to half the length

Is it possible to eat albatrellus cinepore

Albatrellus cinepore is classified as conditionally edible. Does not contain hazardous and poisonous substances. There are no publicly available exact data on nutritional value and chemical composition.

Mushroom taste

Albatrellus cinepore has a firm elastic flesh with an indistinct odor and a mild, slightly sweet taste.

Albatrellus cinepore often has many caps on one large, irregularly shaped leg

False doubles

Albatrellus cinepore looks very similar to its mountain brother - Albatrellus flettii (violet). Delicious edible mushroom. It has brownish-orange spots of an irregularly rounded shape on the caps. The surface of the hymenophore is white.

Grows on rocks, forming mycorrhiza with conifers.

Collection and consumption

Albatrellus cinepore can be harvested from June to November. Young, not overgrown and not stiff specimens are suitable for food. The found fruit bodies are carefully cut with a knife under the root or removed from the nest in a circular motion so as not to damage the mycelium.

Useful properties of the mushroom:

  • relieves inflammation of the joints;
  • normalizes blood pressure and cholesterol levels;
  • increases immunity and resistance to aging processes;
  • promotes active hair growth, has a diuretic effect.

In cooking, it can be used dried, boiled, fried, pickled.

The collected fruit bodies should be sorted out, cleaned of forest litter and substrate. Cut large specimens. Rinse well, cover with salted water and cook over low heat, removing foam, for 20-30 minutes. Drain the broth, after which the mushrooms are ready for further processing.

Meat rolls with mushrooms and cheese

From albatrellus syneporova, amazingly tasty baked rolls are obtained.

Required Ingredients:

  • chicken and turkey fillet - 1 kg;
  • mushrooms - 0.5 kg;
  • turnip onions - 150 g;
  • hard cheese - 250 g;
  • any oil - 20 g;
  • salt - 10 g;
  • pepper, herbs to taste.

Cooking method:

  1. Rinse the meat, cut into strips, beat off, sprinkle with salt and spices.
  2. Cut the mushrooms into medium pieces, grate the cheese coarsely.
  3. Peel the onion, rinse, cut into strips.
  4. Put mushrooms and onions in a hot frying pan with oil, fry until golden brown.
  5. Put the filling on the fillet, sprinkle with cheese, wrap in a roll, secure with thread or skewers.
  6. Fry on both sides in a pan until crusty, put on a baking sheet and bake for 30-40 minutes at 180 degrees.

Cut the finished rolls in portions, serve with herbs, tomato sauce, sour cream.

Important! The use of albatrellus syneporovy should be limited to persons with gastrointestinal diseases, pregnant and lactating women and children under 12 years of age.

Appetizing rolls can also be served on the festive table


Albatrellus cinepore is a saprophytic mushroom belonging to the tinder fungus group. Does not occur on the territory of Russia, grows in Japan and North America. It settles in coniferous, less often mixed forests, on soil rich in tree waste and rotting branches, often hiding in moss. Edible, has no poisonous counterparts. The only fungus like it grows in rocky areas and is called albatrellus flatta. There is no exact data on its nutritional value, while the mushroom is used in cooking.

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