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Rooted Weed Remover

Residents of private houses know firsthand how much effort it takes to care for a site. To facilitate this task, it is customary to use a variety of garden tools. Today, there is a huge selection of weed control devices. In addition, you can make such tools yourself. They do not take up much space and are easy to use. In this article, we will introduce the most popular weed removers.


This device is also called glanders. It is much smaller than a shovel, but considerably larger than a pickaxe. This is one of the most beloved and common gardeners' tools. With its help you can:

  • loosen the soil;
  • huddle plants;
  • remove weeds from the beds;
  • break earth lumps.

With the help of a hoe, they plant various seedlings and sow seeds. The shape of the working surface can be either triangular or trapezoidal or rectangular. Gardeners claim that trapezoidal hoes are the most convenient to use.

Important! The handle of the hoe is selected according to the height and girth of the hand.

It shouldn't be too thick or too long. The working part is necessarily made of high quality metal.

Combined glanders or hoes

Such a weed extractor consists of 2 tools at once (glanders and rakes). The working part has a rectangular shape. On the one hand, the combination glanders have a sharp or blunt edge, and on the other there are about 3 teeth. The steel part of the tool is pushed onto a wooden handle of the required length. Such a device allows for the simultaneous extraction and collection of plants.

The narrow working surface allows for neat weed removal, even in narrow row spacings. With its help, they even prepare the soil before planting seedlings. This weed extractor not only creates furrows, but also loosens and levels the soil. Also, the hoe does an excellent job of hilling various crops.

Rake like a weed picker

Weeds with long roots can be removed with this tool. Such weed extractors have a steel working part with sharp teeth. They are driven deep into the soil, capturing the roots of the weeds. Then the rake is simply pulled along with the plants. After the procedure, all weeds should be collected and thrown into the trash. This method is very convenient for removing dandelions and thistles from lawns. Even an inexperienced gardener can handle this device.

Root cultivator

With this tool, you can effortlessly extract long roots that are in the shape of a rod. These include sorrel and plantain. It also does an excellent job with old thickened shrubs, which often sprout over and over again after being removed.

This weed remover looks like a large two-tine fork. The teeth of the tool are widely spaced, flat. A specially thought-out shape allows you to quickly and efficiently carry out work on removing weeds. Using a cultivator, you can even cultivate areas around fruit trees without harming the root system. It is easy to transport and use.

Weed cultivator video:

V-shaped root remover

This weed picker has a V-shaped blade that is firmly attached to a wooden handle. The tool does an excellent job with highly branched roots. Not every device can cope with such a difficult task. Working with it can seem very scrupulous, as you will have to extract each plant separately. But still, it is very simple to work with this root remover. To do this, you just need to pick the plant with a tool blade at the base, and then remove it from the ground.

Important! Of course, it will not be possible to extract the entire root from the ground, but the main part will definitely be pulled out.


An excellent garden tool for small areas. With its help, you can easily extract deep rhizomes. The fork has a curved shape that increases the pulling force when pulling out. This shape is ideal for developed and branched roots. The tines can not only extract weeds, but also lightly loosen the soil in parallel.

The tool is very easy to use and store. It won't take up much storage space. The fork can serve you for many years without losing its practicality. It can easily remove weeds from hard-to-reach places.

Fokin's flat cutter

The next weed remover is more suitable for small weeds. It easily penetrates a few centimeters into the ground, pulling out all small vegetation. This eliminates the need to pluck the plants by hand. The plane cutter should be pulled underground like a scythe, and then simply collect the weeds that have been extracted. Such a tool can be made with your own hands from unnecessary scrap materials.

Attention! It is the simplest but very effective root remover.


Such a root remover does its job perfectly even after rain and watering the garden. It is very convenient to use a hoe to loosen the soil while cutting off vegetation. To prevent the soil from sticking while working with wet soil, you can make a lighter version of the hoe. For this, a rectangular hole is made in the working part of the tool. Thus, wet earth will simply pass through the hole without sticking to the working bed.

Spade hand cultivator

To make the next root remover, you need to take an old unnecessary shovel. The working blade must be narrowed downwards by cutting the metal on both sides. Such a sharp device not only perfectly removes plants, but also loosens the soil. The root extractor can be immersed quite deeply in the ground, so that even large roots are almost completely removed.


A weed remover will help you fight vegetation and make your work in your garden easier. Such a device does not consume electrical energy, and also does not require much effort on your part. You can make your own weed remover tool or buy it from a specialist store. Such an acquisition will come in handy not only in the beds, but also in flower beds and lawns.


Mikhail Viktorovich, 52 years old, Volgograd

Of the above, I only have a fork and a hoe at home. But, in the old fashioned way, I'm used to just weeding out excess vegetation. I use the fork only in the garden. In the garden, there is usually no time to use such a tool.

Maria Fedorovna, 47 years old, Voronezh

I have a small plot, no vegetable gardens. To remove weeds on the lawn, I bought myself a special root remover. It is very convenient, as the plants rarely grow back after the procedure. Neither manually nor with a hoe will be able to achieve such a result.

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