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Grapes Zarya Nesvetaya

Recently, many growers have been experimenting with the development of new varieties. The Zarya Nesvetaya grape became such a representative of the hybrid form.

It was brought out by an amateur gardener E. G. Pavlovsky. The well-known varieties "Cardinal" and "Talisman" served as a mother couple. The Talisman grape serves as a donor for the excellent yield and stability of the Zarya Nevsetaya variety. And "Cardinal" shared its transportability and keeping quality, which is very important for early grape varieties. The grape hybrid "Zarya Nesvetaya" grows well in the southern regions - the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus, the Don region. It will take hard work to grow it in the more northern regions. But the result does not always satisfy the growers, because the hybrid is thermophilic and does not tolerate cool climates. Of course, he will not leave his owner without a crop, but the taste will be completely different than in the description and reviews. However, other important characteristics for gardeners that the variety possesses have made it the favorite of many amateur and professional gardeners. But this does not mean that growers do not ask questions about the cultivation of the variety, do not need recommendations for protecting bushes from diseases and pests. The article will pay attention to a detailed description of the grape variety "Zarya Nesvetaya", a photo of the fruit, reviews of gardeners.

Description of the variety and characteristics

The official description of the variety indicates that the grape "Zarya Nesvetaya" refers to early hybrids. 110 days after awakening the buds, you can feast on the first harvest. Ripe bunches of the Zarya Nesvetaya grape variety, as in the photo, are ready for harvest in early August. In the southern regions - at the end of July. This characteristic of grapes attracts many gardeners with the prospect of an early harvest of attractive, nutmeg-flavored berries that can withstand transportation. When the berries of the variety have reached full ripeness, they can be left on the vine. And for quite a long time. The consequences of this action will be some softening of the pulp, but the density of the bunch is completely preserved.

Another change in late harvest is a slight taste change. The sugar content of the berries increases, the acidity decreases, but the degree of transportability remains the same.

A table grape variety, excellent juices, compotes, desserts are obtained from it. Very useful when fresh. But winemakers also fell in love with grapes due to their amazing taste and aroma. The berry leaves an unusual rose-strawberry aftertaste.

The yield of the grape variety "Zarya Nesvetaya", according to gardeners, is considered high. Average 20-25 kg per bush. But the exact value of the parameter has not yet been established, due to the fact that the grape hybrid is relatively new. Its characteristics are still being studied in different climatic conditions. We can say for sure that the grapes perfectly tolerate prolonged rains, but for the winter period it requires the shelter of the vine.

A more detailed description of the grape variety "Zarya Nesvetaya" contains data on the plant. Let's take a closer look at each part.

Bush. Vigorous, with a strong frame and massive structure. The vines of the grapes are strong and thick with great vigor.

The shoots of the variety are difficult to break, so the bushes are rarely injured. In addition, the vine is characterized by good fruitfulness (up to 3 clusters on each) and ripening up to 80% of the shoot length. The only quality that scientists are still figuring out is the dependence of the taste of the berry on the overload of the vine.

Greens. The leaves of the grape variety "Zarya Nesvetaya" are medium in size, three-lobed, decorated with serrations on the sides.

They hold firmly on the stem. The color of the leaf blades is bright green with light yellow veins. Peduncles are bisexual, contain a stamen and a pistil. Therefore, the pollination of the variety is stable and the planting of pollinators in the immediate vicinity of the Zarya Nesvetaya grape is not required. The hybrid blooms from the first half of June.

The bunches are beautiful, have the shape of a thickened cone and are very eye-catching.

The variety is popular with farmers due to stable consumer demand. One bunch of grapes weighs up to 650 g with an average quality of agricultural technology. If the grapes receive high-quality care, they immediately react by increasing the weight of the brush to 2 kg. There are no loose clusters on the bush, the berries are tightly attached to each other. Another feature of the variety is that there are no small fruits on the clusters. The hybrid is not characterized by peas - a second bonus for industrialists.

Berries. They are egg-shaped, although spherical grapes are found.

Change their color during the ripening period. Initially, the grapes are light lilac, almost pink. Then they begin to darken and turn dark purple at the end. The average weight is 12 g, but increased care of the bushes allows you to increase the weight of the fruit up to 16 g. Juicy and dense pulp crunches when bitten. The skin of the grapes is edible, thin, but dense. Due to this quality of the skin, the bunches of the variety tolerate transportation well.

Important! Care is required when performing care measures, otherwise the berries will fall off when shaken.

Problems separately. Gardeners do not have to worry about mildew, oidium, rot, phylloxera, wasps and spider mites. However, leaf rollers, weevils, birds are a real disaster for grape plantings of the variety.

A hybrid of grapes is propagated by seedlings and cuttings.

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Pros and cons

The grape hybrid has many positive qualities, and all of them are appreciated by gardeners.

In their reviews of the Zarya Nesvetaya grape variety, they note the following advantages:

  • early ripening of the crop;
  • high yield rate;
  • large-fruited;
  • the volume and beauty of the brushes;
  • transportability at a high level;
  • good rooting of planting material;
  • frost resistance up to -23 ° С, the ability to winter well in a shelter;
  • resistance to high humidity and fungal diseases.

Cons of the grape variety:

  • fragility of the stalks;
  • weak heat resistance;
  • susceptibility to attacks by birds and gnawing pests;
  • the bush's exactingness to soil fertility;
  • the tendency of the vine to overload.

Below we will consider methods of prevention and control of the shortcomings of the Zarya Nesvetaia grape variety.

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Before planting, winegrowers should pay attention to several issues. All of them are dedicated to the choice and competent fulfillment of landing requirements:

  1. Selection of grape seedlings. The further growth and development of the bush depends on the literacy of the choice of planting material. It is best to purchase seedlings of the variety in nurseries or from reliable gardeners. The seedlings must be healthy, meet all the criteria for planting material for grape varieties. They should not be damaged, broken and damaged by pests.
  2. Choosing a landing site. Grape "Zarya Nesvetaya" prefers a sunny, windless place. Another cultural requirement is the absence of moisture stagnation. Grape roots do not like excessive moisture, which leads to decay.
  3. Preparatory measures for the soil. The site selected in advance is dug up and fertilized. For 1 sq. m add a bucket of organic matter (compost, humus) and 450 g of superphosphate. For spring planting of grapes, preparation is carried out in the fall, for autumn, 3 weeks before the scheduled date.
  4. Digging planting holes for grapes at least 80 cm in basic dimensions. For autumn and spring plantings, holes are dug in a week. This is necessary so that the earth has time to sink a little. Then, before lowering the seedling, a drainage layer and a little nutrient soil are added to the pit. They put a peg to support the plant, this technique helps to cover young grapes with high quality for the winter.

A grape seedling is lowered into a pit, the roots are covered with soil, tamped a little, watered generously.

It is optimal to immediately mulch the near-stem circle with straw or sawdust (darkened). When growing a variety in the Moscow region, seedlings are planted in the summer, but they must be covered for the winter and carefully fulfill all the requirements of agricultural technology.

Care points

The grape variety is unpretentious, therefore it does not have any special requirements. It takes root well after planting, begins to bear fruit in 2-3 years.

The main activities during the season are:

Watering. Spring water charging is required. It will help the plant to endure well the awakening period after winter. Abundant watering is also necessary in the phase of flowering and the formation of ovaries. But 2 weeks before the start of fruit ripening, watering is stopped.

The grape vine "Zarya Nesvetaya" does not need constant pruning, but you will have to shorten the vine by 6-8 eyes. Also, sanitary pruning is indispensable.

Pest protection is a must. The main struggle has to be waged with leaf rollers. In order not to lose the plants, insecticides are used - "DNOC", "Nitrafen", "Tsidial", "Tokution", "Tsimbush". The drugs are used according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Important! A month before harvesting, processing is stopped.

Top dressing for the variety is very useful. In spring, Zarya Nesvetaya responds well to humus, potash components are needed at the time of fruit ripening, autumn nutrition is carried out with phosphorus fertilizers.

They regulate the fruit load on the vines. This protects against a decrease in yield and crumbling of berries.

These are the main recommendations for the care of the Zarya Nesvetaya grapes, according to the description of the variety, as well as a photo of the plant.

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Tamara, Krasnodar

We have been growing the grapes "Zarya Nesvetaya" for the third year. We have already received the first harvest. The berry is delicious with dessert notes. Fresh, it tastes amazing, the whole family loves juices. We are very glad that we have planted such a variety.

Vasily, Belgorod.

I am engaged in industrial cultivation. A very convenient variety. Even when we do not have time to harvest on time, the berries do not lose their taste and ability to tolerate transportation. A very important characteristic. In addition, the beautiful and fragrant fruits attract buyers. It does not cause much trouble in leaving. Preventive spraying from pests is imperative.