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The best varieties of low-growing tomatoes for greenhouses

Due to the fact that the climate in Russia in most regions does not allow growing tomatoes in the open field, many gardeners are trying to create comfortable and spacious greenhouses. Today they are common throughout the country and are divided into heated and unheated. Someone manages to get several harvests per season, preferring early-maturing varieties. Bright and juicy tomatoes are one of the most popular vegetables on the tables of our citizens, along with cucumbers. Growing in a greenhouse is not difficult.

Growing tomatoes in a greenhouse

The benefits of growing tomatoes indoors cannot be disputed. If you do not live in a warm, humid climate, then a greenhouse is the very salvation for thermophilic crops. Indoor tomatoes:

  • less susceptible to late blight;
  • bear fruit more abundantly;
  • ripen faster.

The most important thing is to take care of the organization of drip irrigation in advance, as it will be very convenient and save a lot of time.

Not all gardeners can boast of high industrial greenhouses. Often you have to build them yourself from various materials. At this stage, it is necessary to provide for:

  • vents on top and on both sides (ventilation of tomatoes is necessary especially during the flowering period);
  • beds with a distance of 60 centimeters between them;
  • supports for each tomato bush.

Growing tomatoes in glass or polycarbonate greenhouses can be divided into several stages:

  • sowing seeds;
  • hardening of seedlings;
  • planting seedlings in the beds;
  • fertilization;
  • airing;
  • harvesting.

At the stage of sowing seeds and growing seedlings, you need to be extremely careful. The yield and taste will depend on how high-quality the first-borns grow.

Advice! Since greenhouse conditions do not provide for the appearance of bees, during the flowering phase, the room must be ventilated, and the plants must be slightly shaken off. After each procedure, the tomatoes can be lightly watered.

Since tomato bushes can reach a decent height (for example, two meters), many today prefer to buy Low-growing tomatoes for greenhouses. In conditions of a low polycarbonate ceiling, this is quite justified.

Undersized tomatoes

These include varieties and hybrids, the height of which is insignificant for a given culture and averages 70-100 centimeters. Low growth is achieved due to the determinant type of plant growth: when several peduncles are ejected, the tomato stops growing. As a rule, a low-growing variety has the following qualities:

  • early maturing;
  • medium-yielding;
  • resistant to late blight.

You can't say that about all low-growing tomatoes, but in general it is so.

Let's discuss the best varieties of tomatoes for greenhouses. Stunted and standard ones will definitely be included in this list.

Description of varieties of low-growing tomatoes

We have included in the list only high-yield varieties that can be grown in greenhouses. It is important to note that the value of undersized tomatoes is also that some of them do not need to be pinned.


We present to your attention a table with varieties and hybrids of low-growing tomatoes for growing indoors.

Variety / hybrid nameRipening rate, in daysProductivity, kilogram per 1 m2Height of an adult plant, in centimeters
Bobcatno more than 1302-4,260
Pink honey111-1153,5-5,560-70
Torbay75up to 750-100
Rio Fuego110-11510-12up to 80
Sultan93-112up to 5.750-60
Pink cheeks105-1155,560-80
Rosemaryno more than 11519-30up to 100
Michurinskyno more than 1009-1080


One of those tomatoes that are included in the list of "The best varieties of Russia". It can be grown both in the open field and in the greenhouse, and in the shelter the yield reaches its maximum. The fruit is medium in size, juicy and very tasty. Fruiting is long, the first crop can be harvested after 2.5 months. For this variety "Sanka" is very fond of our gardeners.


It should be noted that this is an early maturing hybrid of excellent quality. Tomato hybrids are becoming more and more popular today. "Andromeda" is famous for its excellent growth and abundant harmonious return of the harvest. Resistance to major diseases will allow for maximum seedling survival. The fruit weight reaches 180 grams, and the taste and marketability are excellent. This particular hybrid was created for cultivation in greenhouses in the south, it is resistant to hot climates. Residents of central Russia also pay attention to it.

Important! The only significant disadvantage of hybrid tomatoes is that seeds cannot be harvested from them, since they will not give a crop. But not a single variety can compare in growth power with a hybrid.


This hybrid is very resistant to diseases such as fusarium and verticillosis, the yield is low, but "Bobkat" is valued precisely for its resistance. The bush is determinate and compact, it can be planted in 7-9 pieces per square meter. Tomatoes turn out to be fleshy, they are mainly processed, since the taste is rated "four".

Pink honey

This excellent variety grows well both outdoors and in the greenhouse. Rarely do undersized greenhouse tomatoes boast such high quality fruit. Tomato "Pink Honey" is large-fruited, the weight of one fruit is 600-700 grams, while the bush has an average height of 60-70 centimeters. The harvest reaches 5.5 kilograms per square meter. Taste qualities of "Rose Honey" are excellent, they can be used both fresh and for processing. Tomatoes do not crack and rarely get sick. The variety is mid-season.


Hybrids such as Katyusha are famous for being cold-resistant, large-fruited, with compact bushes and disease-resistant. The seeds can be planted both in open ground and in greenhouses. The bush is dwarf, compact, bears fruit abundantly in a short time. At the same time, the hybrid is appreciated for its taste. The fruits are fleshy, firm and very tasty. It is best to plant 5-6 plants per square meter, but specialists allow a denser planting.


When choosing varieties for greenhouses, one cannot help but recall Titan. It ripens for a long time, refers to medium-late tomatoes, but in greenhouse conditions this is not as important as when grown in open ground. The variety is distinguished by the determinant bush, its compactness and high productivity. These two qualities are rarely combined, all the more so for varietal tomatoes. Their seeds do not always have a high germination capacity, but in this case "Titan" shows high activity. The fruits are tasty and medium in size.


Unusual mid-season variety with a determinant type of growth. If we talk about growing in greenhouses, then not all gardeners prefer early varieties. Sometimes you want to grow mid-season and even late ones, which have a pleasant taste and aroma. The ripening period is 110-120 days, the bush is compact with a large abundance of foliage, it bears fruit abundantly. The fruits themselves are large and flat-rounded (this is shown in the photo). The orange color will look interesting both when preserved and in salads. Transport and cold storage. Perhaps, "Persimmon" can be included in the list of "The most unusual varietal tomatoes."

A short video review of the variety is presented below:


The Torbay greenhouse hybrid matures very quickly, in just 75 days. It is resistant to diseases, when ripe, the fruits do not crack, have an excellent taste, fleshy pulp. A hybrid of pink tomato has the ability to quickly yield and be stored for a long time. The taste is excellent.

Rio Fuego

Low-growing varieties do not always ripen early. For example, "Rio Fuego" is gaining taste and weight of 110 grams for a long time. The fruits are bright, red, their shape is plum. Tomatoes can be canned whole, as well as eaten fresh, since they have excellent taste. The density of the skin allows for long-term storage and transportation over long distances. Resistant to Alternaria and TMV.


The seeds of the Sultan hybrid are often found on store shelves. He has proven himself well and managed to fall in love. Tomatoes are large enough, up to 200 grams, they are moderately sweet and have a characteristic smell of tomatoes. Some summer residents believe that tomatoes grown in greenhouses will not be fragrant. This is not true. This quality directly depends on the type of hybrid or variety. "Sultan" is very persistent, bears fruit when the plant itself is short.

Pink cheeks

The raspberry pink color will not leave anyone indifferent, therefore, often choosing low-growing varieties of tomatoes for greenhouses, gardeners prefer large-fruited with an unusual color. "Pink cheeks" are beautiful large tomatoes on a relatively low bush. It can also be grown in open ground, where it does not exceed a meter, but in greenhouses, the bush can grow. It is advisable to tie it up. Tomatoes are tasty, well stored and transportable.


The Bonsai dwarf bush is very beautiful. Of course, you don't have to wait for yields from small tomatoes, but they can be grown even on balconies. This variety is unpretentious, the fruits are tasty, red. The taste is excellent, and you can make excellent salads from them.


The bush of this hybrid is determinant, it is distinguished by resistance to a large number of diseases, as well as high taste. The fruits are stored for a long time and tolerate transportation well, they can be grown on an industrial scale. 6-8 fruits of medium size red color with sufficient density are formed on one cluster. Tomatoes are cracking.


The seeds of the Rosemary hybrid are hardened against a large number of diseases. The taste is so good that it is recommended to use it for baby food and salads. On a low compact bush, a large number of large (up to 400 grams) bright pink fruits are formed. They ripen in 115 days and are heat demanding. The appearance of the hybrid is very attractive. Ideal for growing in polycarbonate and glass greenhouses.


With a huge variety of varieties and hybrids of tomatoes on the market today, one can argue for a long time about which varieties are the best. Everyone chooses the tomato that suits him according to his needs. Tomatoes "Michurinskie" can be grown both in the open field and in a greenhouse. The variety is distinguished by a pleasant taste of fruits and their high commercial qualities.


Low-growing varieties of tomatoes for greenhouses generally give good yields in terms of indicators. Fruits often have excellent and excellent taste, ripen quickly and are stored for a long time. The most important thing is a huge selection of varieties and hybrids, every gardener will find seeds to his liking.

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