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Makita Lawn Mowers

It is difficult to maintain a large, beautiful lawn without equipment. To help summer residents and utility workers, manufacturers offer trimmers and other similar tools. The Makita lawn mower has a high rating, which has established itself as a reliable and affordable unit.

Lawn mower device

When deciding to buy a lawn mower, it is important to consider that the machine is only effective on level ground. Moreover, she will only cut grass, and not shrubs and other thick weeds. The unit moves on wheels, thereby significantly reducing maneuverability compared to a trimmer. The lawn mower is well suited for mowing even lawns.

The design of all lawn mowers is almost the same and simple. The chassis, body, grass cutter and grass catcher are mounted on the frame. If the tool is intended for mulching, then it is equipped with a different design of the cutting mechanism, and instead of the grass catcher, a grass spreader is installed.

Attention! The powerful self-propelled lawnmower can be equipped with an operator's seat.

The main heart of the machine is the engine. It can be gasoline or electric. By the type of movement, lawn mowers are divided into two types:

  • Manual models move on the lawn from being pushed by the operator. Such cars usually run on an electric motor, but there are also gasoline counterparts.
  • The self-propelled lawn mower drives itself on the lawn. The operator only needs to steer when cornering. Most gasoline models fall into this category.

All lawn mowers differ in engine power, blade arrangement, grass catcher capacity, mowing width and wheel size. The more productive the machine, the higher its cost. Prices for the Makita brand vary from 5 to 35 thousand rubles.

Important! The cost of electric mowers is much less than gasoline counterparts.

Makita mowers powered by electricity

The Makita electric mower is usually used by private owners of summer cottages and country houses. The machine is capable of serving an area of ​​up to five acres. Moreover, the lawn or lawn should preferably be located closer to the house. Such requirements are justified by the presence of an outlet for connecting to the mains. Sometimes, lovers of environmentally friendly technology in large areas lay an electric cable. In this case, the range of the mower is increased.

The cutting width of the knives is directly related to the power rating of the electric motor. After all, cutting a lot of grass requires a lot of effort. Units with a grip from 30 to 40 cm are capable of operating from an electric motor with a power of 1.1 kW. They can be plugged into a regular outlet. Lawn mowers with a working width of more than 40 cm are equipped with powerful motors. A separate line is made to connect them. Household wiring may not be able to withstand this kind of stress.

Attention! For safety reasons, do not cut wet grass with dew or rain with a power tool. During operation, it is necessary to constantly monitor the cable so that it does not fall under knives.

All models of Makita electric mowers have an adjusting mechanism that allows you to set the cutting height of the grass.

Makita electric mowers review

Electric lawn mowers are chosen for their performance. Let's take a look at several popular models of different classes.

Light mower ELM3311

Among the light class Makita lawn mowers, the ELM3311 model is very popular. A small four-wheeled unit will help you maintain a small lawn near your home. The grass is mowed almost without noise, so the car will not wake up sleeping neighbors even in the early morning.

Makita mower weight is within 12 kg. The manufacturer managed to reduce the weight thanks to the lightweight polypropylene body. This material is quite strong, but with a careless attitude it tends to crack. The mower wheels are also plastic. The tread is designed so that the grass is not damaged while driving. The electric unit is powered by a 1.1 kW engine. There are three different mowing heights and a soft grass catcher with a capacity of 27 liters. The cost of a light lawn mower is within 6 thousand rubles.

Electric mower Makita middle class ELM3711

The representative of the Makita middle class mowers is the ELM3711 model. Its performance characteristics are the same as those of the light category machines. All the same efficiency, quiet operation, comfortable control. The difference is the equipment with a more powerful electric motor - 1.3 kW. This increases the performance of the unit, which allows you to mow old weeds with thick stems. The knife capture width is increased, and the low center of gravity makes the machine more stable when driving on uneven terrain.

Attention! Maintenance of an electric lawn mower is performed after it is completely de-energized.

The manufacturer has equipped the Makita mower with a more capacious 35 liter grass catcher. The basket is equipped with a full indicator. The operator no longer needs to constantly monitor the amount of garbage in the grass catcher during work. A fan is installed in front of the electric motor. Forced air cooling contributes to increased uptime.

The undercarriage is made in such a way that the wheels sink into the body of the machine. This makes it possible to mow the grass close to the fence. Another big plus is that the operator has the ability to independently adjust the height of each wheel. Makita's price is approximately 8 thousand rubles.

Makita mowers powered by a gasoline engine

The Makita petrol mower is mobile, as there is no attachment to the outlet. A self-propelled car is considered professional. It is usually used by communal services for mowing grass over large areas. This includes city squares, lawns, parks and other similar objects.

To refuel the unit, use AI92 or AI95 gasoline. The petrol mower is powered by a two-stroke or four-stroke engine. The first type of engine requires manual fuel preparation. It consists of the proportions of oil and gasoline recommended by the manufacturer. On mowers with a four-stroke engine, oil and gasoline are filled separately.

A gasoline lawn mower is self-propelled and requires operator power control. The second option is more difficult to work with, since the unit constantly has to be pushed by hand. The self-propelled mower drives itself on the lawn. The operator only guides the handle to the direction of travel.

PLM 4621 model overview

The self-propelled model is equipped with a 2.3 kW four-stroke engine from the manufacturer Briggs & Stratton. The combined grass catcher is designed for a volume of up to 40 liters. A big plus is the steel body of the mower, resistant to mechanical stress. Makita weighs no more than 32.5 kg. A special force sensor is installed on the control handle. If the operator releases the handle during operation, the machine will stop instantly. For a self-propelled lawn mower, such a sensor serves as a guarantor of safe operation.

The petrol model PLM 4621 offers the following benefits:

  • independence from the connection to the mains eliminates the limitation of the operating radius of the unit;
  • powerful engine with forced air cooling is able to work for a long time without interruption;
  • the stainless steel housing is resistant to corrosion and shock, which serves as reliable protection of the motor, as well as other working units;
  • the gasoline unit can be used even in the rain, since the motor is protected from moisture, plus there is no possibility of electric shock.

In terms of functionality, the PLM 4621 gasoline model is designed for mowing tough vegetation in an area of ​​up to 30 acres. There is a mulching mode. Rear-wheel drive improves machine control during operation. The cutting height is adjustable in four steps - from 20 to 50 mm.

The video provides an overview of the Makita PLM 4621:


Makita's lineup is very large. Each consumer can choose a technique with the desired characteristics.

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