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Fumisan for bees

For the successful breeding of bees, experts use different preparations for the prevention and treatment of their wards. One of the most widespread and effective medicines is Fumisan. Further, instructions for the use of "Fumisan" for bees and customer reviews are given in detail.

Application in beekeeping

The mite, called varroa, is called the scourge of modern beekeeping. It causes a disease in bees - varroatosis. Many beekeepers have already suffered, as the disease affects huge groups of families. "Fumisan" for bees treats varroatosis, thereby preventing the death of whole hives.

Release form, composition

Fumisan comes in the form of wood strips. Their width is 25 mm, length is 2 cm, thickness is 1 mm. 1 package contains 10 pcs. They are impregnated with acaricide, a substance that kills ticks. The active ingredient in Fumisana is fluvalinate.

Pharmacological properties

The drug has a two-way effect:

  • contact;
  • fumigation.

The contact path involves direct contact of the bee to the strip. Crawling along the hive, it comes into contact with the drug. Then the insect transfers the active substance to other bees when communicating with them.

The fumigation effect is due to the evaporation of toxic fumes. They are harmful to varroa mites.

"Fumisan": instructions for use

The instructions for use of "Fumisan" for bees indicate that the strip must be fixed vertically, closer to the back wall of the hive. The number of strips depends on the strength of the family. If it is weak, take 1 piece. and hang it between 3 and 4 frames. In a strong family, you need to take 2 strips and set them between 3-4 and 7-8 frames.

Important! Fumisan can be left with bees for a maximum of 6 weeks.

Dosage, application rules

Experienced beekeepers recommend treating the hive for varroatosis twice a year. 2 times in autumn or in spring and autumn. An important role is played by the number of mites, the general condition of the bee colonies.

A hole is made in the strips before hanging. After that, a nail or a match is inserted there. The instructions indicate that you need to hang the strip closer to the back of the hive. But beekeepers claim that it is allowed to set the drug in the middle. There will be no difference.

Which medicine is better: "Fluvalidez" or "Fumisan"

It is impossible to say unequivocally which drug against varroatosis is more effective. "Fluvalides" and "Fumisan" have the same active ingredient - fluvalinate. Also, it cannot be said which is better - "Bipin" or "Fumisan". Although the first drug has another active ingredient - amitraz.

Advice! Beekeepers often alternate between these means. In autumn, for example, treatment with "Fumisan" is carried out, and in spring - with "Bipin".

Side effects, contraindications, restrictions on use

No side effects were observed in bees after using drugs for the treatment of varroatosis. You cannot use the medicine while collecting honey. It is allowed to be pumped out at least 10 days after the end of processing. Then honey is used on a general basis.

Shelf life and storage conditions

The shelf life of "Fumisan" is 3 years. If the package is open, the drug is active for 1 year. This period is relevant only if all the conditions for proper storage are met:

  • in original packaging;
  • separate from food;
  • at a room temperature from 0 ° С to + 20 ° С;
  • in a dark place.


Instructions for the use of "Fumisan" for bees and customer reviews are very rosy. It is not difficult to use the remedy for varroatosis correctly. And beekeepers claim that the medicine has saved their apiaries from extinction more than once.


Malikov Oleg Vyacheslavovich, 50 years old, St. Petersburg

Recently, I have developed a hobby - beekeeping. It soon turned into business. The number of individuals grew, and ticks multiplied with them. After reading reviews of beekeepers about "Fumisan", I decided to try it. I set one strip in the middle of the hive and left it for about a month. During this time, absolutely all the ticks were destroyed.

Ponomarenko Igor Antonovich, 42 years old, Bakhchisarai

After he started his own apiary, the problem of ticks arose. There were too many of them! I saw a lot of reviews about "Fumisan" for bees. In the fall I hung up 2 strips (I have a strong bee colony) and left for 6 weeks. The result is excellent, the ticks are gone. Now I treat the hive with the drug 2 times a year, the pests have never returned.

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