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Red Scarlet Potatoes

Red-skinned potatoes have recently appeared on our shelves. We used to know an exceptionally white root vegetable with a grayish skin. The Red Scarlet variety can no longer be called a novelty, but it appeared on the tables of Russians relatively recently. Today it is successfully grown on personal plots. It is very unpretentious to grow and keeps well. If you are new to this business and do not know which variety to start your acquaintance with potatoes with, start with it.

Description of the variety

The word red means red. This is no coincidence, because the roots have a red peel. Moreover, their flesh is yellowish. Potatoes "Red Scarlett" bred by breeders from Holland. Introduced from Europe several years ago, it quickly gained popularity. Most often it is grown in the south of Russia and in the central regions in sunny open areas.

It is believed that among the varieties of the Dutch selection the best is the potato "Red Scarlet". A description of the variety, photos, reviews and specifications will be indicated in our article.


The shape of the tubers is slightly elongated, they are rather large, oval. The weight of one potato can reach 100-120 grams. Shallow, shallow eyes provide easy peeling. This is important for every housewife.

The rind is red in color and the flesh is light yellow. Flavor and density are determined by the starch content of the tubers. The optimal content (from 10 to 15%) provides a dense texture and delicate taste. When boiled, the potatoes become a little crumbly.

The yield of the variety is very high, and its resistance to diseases ensures a guaranteed high number of root crops. More detailed information about the Red Scarlet variety is collected in the table.


When choosing a potato variety, the gardener proceeds from what its qualities are. Technical characteristics come to the rescue. The most important aspects are considered to be:

  • yield;
  • disease resistance;
  • appearance and taste;
  • scheme and features of cultivation.

We have collected all this data in a special table.


Description of the variety

Ripening rate

An early ripe variety, 45-55 days pass from the moment of germination to technical ripeness

Description of external data

Oval shape of root vegetables, weight from 60 to 120 grams with yellowish pulp

Disease resistance

To golden nematode, to late blight, to cancer

Commodity qualities

Excellent, long-lasting and good storage, rarely rot

Growing features

Loosening the soil, combating weeds, timely watering and fertilizing

Description of the plant

The bush is semi-erect, low, the corolla of flowers is red-violet


High, up to 19 kilograms per square meter

The variety is valuable primarily due to its resistance to nematodes, preservation of marketable qualities during long-term storage and high yield.

Useful qualities

Some citizens believe that besides starch, there are no useful elements in potatoes, that you need to eat it as little as possible. Of course it is not. Potatoes, like any other product, should be consumed in moderation by a person.

Potatoes contain:

  • vitamins of group A;
  • B vitamins;
  • vitamins of group C;
  • vitamins H and PP.

The lack of vitamins in the body is primarily due to improper diet, restriction in the consumption of certain products. Even the process of losing weight must be approached carefully. Red Scarlett also has the ability to protect our body.

Growing rules

In order to get a rich and healthy harvest, you need to spend a lot of strength and energy. Nothing will work if you do not monitor the plants, even if the variety is very resistant to external influences.

Seed potatoes are purchased in the spring; they are prepared in advance for sowing in May. Since the variety is early, you can take your time planting "Red Scarlett".

In May, the air temperature will become optimal, the earth will warm up, and seedlings will appear quickly.

Advice! If you have purchased few seeds, do not despair. You can divide the tubers by cutting them. The main thing is that at least one peephole remains on each of the parts.

Additionally, check that the potatoes are free of rot and damage.

The landing pattern is 60x35 or 75x35. Even if you did not germinate the tubers in advance, the first shoots will appear after 14-20 days. Only a cold snap can prevent this. Planting depth is average, it is necessary to deepen the Red Scarlett potatoes by about 7 centimeters. From the moment the sprouts appear, the gardener will have to take care of their crops for a month and a half. Potato variety "Red Scarlett" after 45 days is able to yield a harvest.

In order for the yield to be excellent, it is important to observe the following conditions:

  • plant root crops "Red Scarlett" in open sunny areas;
  • loosen the soil regularly;
  • make top dressing.

Ash and superphosphate can be used as top dressing. If you are planning to dig out the crop, remove the tops a week before. The video shows the grown potatoes of the "Red Scarlett" variety:

You can see bushes falling to the ground. This is noted by many gardeners; this property does not affect the yield.

Advice! Trimming the tops will strengthen the tubers and increase their keeping quality.

One of the most important properties of potatoes, including the Red Scarlett variety, is the shelf life and preservation of the basic qualities.


Storing potatoes is very important, because a high yield is needed for that, so that there are enough root crops for both autumn and winter.

Keeping quality of the Red Scarlett variety is high. If you pre-sort the crop for the presence of rot, put it in a cool and ventilated room, then the potatoes will retain not only their excellent presentation, but also their taste.

Disease resistance

"Red Scarlett" is resistant not only to diseases, but also to some viruses, for example, type A and Yn. It also has a positive effect on storage time. Only healthy and mature roots can lie in the cellar until spring.

Important! You cannot dry the crop in the sun, this will only harm the potatoes.


As you can see, this potato variety is very popular and famous for its excellent qualities. It is so unpretentious that it is suitable even for novice gardeners.

Reviews of gardeners

Reviews of those who have already been involved in the cultivation of the Red Scarlett variety will reveal the secrets in the best way possible, because from the experience of other gardeners you can draw conclusions for yourself. Let's consider some of them.

Julia, 38 years old, Leninsk-Kuznetsky

I have been growing only varietal potatoes for six years in a row. Among them is always the Red Scarlett variety. I never rush to plant in open ground, since the harvest is already early. As a result, we plant at the beginning of June. From ten kilograms of seed potatoes, we collect 38-40 buckets of excellent harvest, which is then stored all winter. For this we love this variety very much. The tubers are pink, smooth and very tasty.

Victor, 50 years old, Moscow region

When we first raised Red Scarlett, it seemed to us that we would get nothing good in the end. They advised us to take this particular potato in the store. We planted it at the very end of May and got seedlings a month later. However, very soon the bushes fell to the ground. The rest of the potatoes were attacked by late blight, and after 50 days we did not expect anything from our bushes. However, the yield was incredible! Since then, we have been growing it for the third year. At the same time, we take the usual Tuleevsky variety. Phytophthora is not dangerous for Red Scarlett, as it affects these potatoes quite late. The fact that the plant spreads on the ground is a feature, you should not be afraid of it. Since the soil on our site is good, we do not apply fertilizer. This is important for some regions.

Elena, 42 years old, Tomsk

Better than the "Red Scarlett" I have not yet found. The potato of this variety is beautiful, smooth and flawless. For me, it's not so much the yield that matters as the taste. It was this potato that I fell in love with for its great taste. "Red Scarlett" is easy to clean, when boiled it becomes crumbly and starchy. We started our experiment with Nevsky potatoes, which we didn’t like right away, then we grew Tuleevsky potatoes for several years, but it began to shrink, and now we have not changed the Red Scarlett variety for five years. Care is no different from caring for other varieties. If you buy not tubers, but seeds, remember that in the first year you will have to grow seed material, be very careful about care. The harvest will not work at this time.

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