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Tomato Early love: reviews, photos, yield

Tomato Early Love was created in 1998 on the basis of the Seeds of Altai selection agrofirm. After experimental cultivation in 2002, it was entered into the State Register with the recommendation of cultivation in greenhouse conditions and unprotected soil.

Description of tomato early love

Variety Early Love is suitable for growing in temperate climates and in the southern regions. In areas with cold weather conditions, tomato is cultivated in greenhouse structures in the South in the open field. The unprotected cultivation method is more productive. Tomato Early Love is a determinant variety, in greenhouses it grows up to 1.2–1.5 m, in an unprotected area - up to 2 m. Due to the growth, the yield level is slightly higher.

The variety is frost-resistant, it resists a drop in temperature at night, no additional lighting is required in greenhouses. A mid-season crop matures in 90 days and is characterized by a stable yield. The drought resistance of the Early Lyubov tomato variety is average, with low humidity and irregular watering, cracking of the fruit is possible.
After the completion of flowering, the tomato stops growing, the main direction in the growing season goes to the ripening of fruits. Tomato bush variety Rannyaya lyubov is not a standard type, at the same time it gives a small number of shoots. The plant is formed with one main stem, as the stepsons are formed, they are removed.
External characteristics and description of the tomato Early love:

  1. The main stem is of medium thickness, the structure is rigid, the surface is even, finely pubescent, the color is dark green. Stepsons are slender, weak, one tone lighter than the central shoot. The stem does not support the weight of the fruit on its own; fixation to the trellis is required.
  2. The variety is weak, the plant is open, the leaf blade is dark green, of medium size, the leaves are opposite, lanceolate with a corrugated surface and jagged edges.
  3. The root system is close to the soil surface, fibrous, the root circle is insignificant - within 35 cm. Poorly tolerates waterlogging and moisture deficit.
  4. Flowers are yellow, bisexual, self-pollinated tomato variety.
  5. Clusters of medium size, thick, filling 5–6 ovaries. No more than five brushes are formed on the stem. The first clusters produce larger fruits, the rest form flattened tomatoes.

Important! Fruits of the Early Love variety, which have not reached ripeness, after removal fully ripen in a shaded room.

Description of fruits

Tomato variety Early love for universal use. The fruits are suitable for fresh consumption, are processed for making juice, ketchup. Due to the leveled small form, it is used in a whole-fruited form for salting and preservation in glass jars.

Characteristics of Tomatoes Early Love:

  • rounded shape with pronounced ribbing near the stalk, average weight - 90 g;
  • the surface is glossy, red, with sufficient illumination with a pink tint;
  • peel of medium density, elastic, prone to cracking in dry weather;
  • the pulp is red, juicy, dense, at the stage of conditional ripeness, white areas are observed, multi-chamber, without voids;
  • seeds are beige in small quantities, large, suitable for breeding varieties;
  • the taste is balanced, the content of sugars and acids is in the optimal proportion, the presence of acid in the taste is negligible.

Tomato variety Early Love retains its appearance for a long time (12 days) and taste, safely tolerates long-term transportation.

Tomato traits Early love

Tomato Early Love is a mid-late variety. Tomatoes ripen unevenly, the first ripe fruits are removed in the second decade of July. The tomato variety bears fruit for a long time, until the onset of frost. In the greenhouse, the yield is lower due to the growth of the crop. In the South, in unprotected ground, the main stem is longer, 2 more fruit clusters are formed on it, therefore the indicator is higher.

Tomato Early Love is a variety with stable fruiting, independent of weather conditions and agricultural technology. Can grow in periodically shaded areas. Requires moderate, but constant watering, with a moisture deficit, the fruit forms a smaller mass, the peel is thin, of medium density, cracks at low air humidity.

The bush is not spreading, it does not take up much space in the garden, 4 plants are planted per 1 m2. Average level of recoil from 1 unit. - 2 kg, for a determinant variety, the indicator is average. About 8 kg of tomatoes are harvested from 1 m2.

Resistance to infections in the tomato variety Early love is above average, the culture is not affected by late blight. Fungal infections can occur if the growing requirements are not followed:

  1. At high humidity of the root circle, phimosis develops, affecting the fruits. To eliminate the disease, watering is reduced, diseased tomatoes are removed, the bush is treated with "Hom".
  2. Dry spot appears mainly in unventilated greenhouses, affects the plant completely, eliminates the infection with "Antrakola"
  3. At high humidity and low temperatures, macrosporiosis is observed, the pathogen progresses on the stems. Reduce watering, feed with nitrogen-containing agents, treat with copper sulfate.
  4. Harm to tomato Early love is caused by slugs and the Whitefly butterfly. For the destruction of parasites, "Confidor" and biological preparations of contact action are used.

Advantages and disadvantages

Tomato variety Early Love is characterized by a number of advantages:

  • stable fruiting;
  • long periods of harvesting;
  • slight formation of side shoots;
  • fruits are leveled, universal;
  • balanced taste, delicate aroma;
  • tomato retains its taste after artificial ripening;
  • frost-resistant, shade-tolerant;
  • compact, does not occupy a large area;
  • suitable for farming;
  • lasts a long time, is safely transported.

The disadvantages of the variety are:

  • average yield;
  • a thin, unstable stem that requires the installation of a support.

Planting and care rules

The agricultural technology of the Early Love tomato variety is standard. Mid-ripening tomatoes are cultivated in seedlings, this shortens the ripening period and excludes damage to young shoots by spring frosts.

Sowing seeds for seedlings

You can grow planting material indoors or sow in a mini-greenhouse on the site. The second option is used in regions with a warm climate; for a moderate climate, it is better to sow seeds in boxes or containers and place containers at home. The temperature should not be lower than +200 C, lighting for at least 12 hours.
Planting work is carried out at the end of March, after 50 days, the seedlings are determined for a plot or greenhouse. Therefore, the timing is oriented according to the regional characteristics of the climate. Before laying the seeds, a fertile soil is prepared, it includes sand, peat and compost in equal proportions.

Algorithm of action:

  1. The mixture is calcined in the oven, poured into containers.
  2. The seeds are immersed in a growth stimulating solution for 40 minutes, then treated with an antifungal drug.
  3. Longitudinal groove is made by 2 cm.
  4. Spread the seeds at 1 cm intervals.
  5. Cover with soil, watered, covered with transparent material.

When young growth appears, the shelter is removed. Sprinkle seedlings with a drip method. They are fed with complex fertilizers. After the formation of three sheets, they dive into separate plastic cups.

Important! On the plot, a tomato of the Early Love variety is planted after the formation of the first buds.

Transplanting seedlings

Determine the tomato for a permanent place in the greenhouse in May, in an open area after the soil warms up to +18 0C. Recommendations for transplanting varieties:

  1. Dug up the bed, bring in nitrophosphate and organic matter.
  2. Furrows are made 20 cm deep, peat with ash is poured onto the bottom.
  3. Plants are placed at an angle (reclining), covered with earth to the lower leaves.
  4. Watered, mulched with straw.

Planting scheme of the variety: row spacing - 0.5 m, distance between bushes - 40 cm. The distribution of seedlings in the open garden and in the greenhouse is the same, per 1 m2 - 4 pcs.

Follow-up care

Care after planting a tomato variety Early Love consists of the following activities:

  1. Obligatory weeding of weeds as they grow, loosening of the soil.
  2. On an unprotected bed, watering is carried out in accordance with seasonal precipitation, the optimal irrigation rate is 8 liters of water 3 times a week at the root. In the evening, watering can be replaced by sprinkling.
  3. Tomatoes of the Early Love variety are fed from the beginning of flowering to autumn every 20 days, alternating organic matter, phosphorus, potassium, superphosphate.
  4. They form a bush with one central shoot, the rest are cut off, stepchildren and dry leaves are removed. The bunches from which the harvest is harvested are removed, the lower leaves are cut off. The stem is fixed to the trellis.

When the Early Love bush reaches 25 cm, the root is first spud, then mulched with sawdust, straw or peat.


Tomato Early Love is a determinant variety of mid-early fruiting. The frost-resistant plant is suitable for growing in temperate climates in a protected way, in the South in the open field. The yield level is average, the fruiting is stable. The tomato is of universal use, is processed, consumed fresh.

Reviews about tomato Early love

Elena Maltseva, 51 years old, Moscow region

I plant different tomatoes on my garden plot, one of them is the Early Love variety. The plant is unpretentious, does not take up much space, the fruits are of the same shape, small, well suited for canning. I pick tomatoes until late autumn. The yield is average and the taste is excellent.

Lyudmila Zakharova, 30 years old, Yeysk

Tomato Early Love is a standard culture. The taste is good, the aroma is practically not felt. If the tomatoes are a little unripe, white fibers are present in the pulp. This year I planted the variety for the first time, the next year I did not collect seeds, for our Southern climate there are tomatoes with higher yields.

Zinaida Malysheva, 46 years old, Perm

Tomato variety Early love I have been planting in a greenhouse for several years, the tomato does not create problems with leaving. For all the time I have never been ill. The yield is average, but it takes up little space. This year, I gathered about 25 kg from 10 bushes, which was enough for salads and canning.

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