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Video: making lanterns from beverage cans - with a few simple steps to a decorative garden accessory

Cola, cocktails, beer and other delicacies are often offered in small beverage cans. Even if the drinks are so delicious, most people think more about the waste that arises in the process. During a cozy evening by the fire, a lot finally comes together. However, if you continue to use the rifles creatively, you not only save yourself a large mountain of garbage, but also have decorative accessories for the garden.

Old beverage cans can be turned into small lanterns, for example, as Nuhinu shows in her YouTube video. This small lantern looks particularly enchanting in the dark when it moves in the wind - wind chimes and lights in one. The video instructions are easy to understand, so that when it is finished, nothing can go wrong. However, you should be careful not to cut yourself on the can, as this can happen quite quickly.

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