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Tomato Petrusha gardener

Tomato today is one of the most popular vegetables grown in home gardens. With the advent of new, unpretentious and disease-resistant varieties, it has become easier to get a rich harvest of this tasty and healthy vegetable. In this article, we will talk about the tomato variety "Petrusha", which is well known to many gardeners, or as it is also called "Petrusha the gardener".


Tomato "Petrusha gardener" is a representative of the hybrid variety. Tomato seedlings can be planted both in the garden and in the greenhouse. The yield when planted in open ground is much higher than with a greenhouse method of cultivation, therefore the best conditions for the growth and development of the plant are fresh air and soft sunlight.

The bushes of the “Petrusha gardener” tomato variety are small in height: only 60 cm. Despite this, the yield of the variety is good.

Attention! The plant practically does not need pinching, which greatly facilitates its care during the period of growth and ripening of fruits.

The fruits of the "Petrusha" tomato are painted in a deep scarlet color, have an oblong cylindrical shape, reminiscent, as you can see in the photo, of the cap of the character of Russian fairy tales, Petrushka. It is thanks to the shape of the fruit that the variety got its name.

The mass of one mature vegetable ranges from 200 to 250 grams. The pulp is dense, juicy, sweet in taste.

In cooking, the variety is used for canning and pickling, as well as making juices, sauces, tomato paste and ketchup.

Advantages and disadvantages

Tomato "Petrusha gardener" has a number of distinctive advantages that distinguish it favorably against the background of other varieties of tomatoes, such as:

  • no need for pinching the bush;
  • long fruiting period;
  • good tolerance to dry periods;
  • resistance to a wide range of tomato diseases;
  • versatility of application.

Of the shortcomings, it should be noted only the obligation to comply with the rules and conditions of growing, as well as caring for the plant. It is this factor that has a great influence on the yield.

You can find out even more useful information about the tomato variety Petrusha gardener by watching this video:


Elena Sergeevna, 48 years old, Uvarovo, Tambov region

For the first time she planted tomatoes "Petrusha Gardener" in the country. I decided to experiment and for this purpose I planted part of the seedlings in the greenhouse, and the other part on the street. I began to notice the difference almost immediately. The bushes in the greenhouse did not want to grow for a long time, and when they started growing, inflorescences were already tied on the street. In terms of yield, also significant advantages were observed in street tomatoes. Next year I will definitely plant this tomato variety only in open ground.

Rimma Fedorovna, 56 years old, Penza

I love tomatoes very much, so I always plant them. I grow tomatoes mainly outdoors. I really like it when the bushes do not need to take much care and spend a lot of energy. At my age, this is very important. Having tried a huge variety of different varieties of tomatoes, I settled on hybrids and tomatoes intended for cultivation in the garden. I've been planting Petrusha for several years now. I like the variety very much. The plant is unpretentious, does not need pruning of leaves and side shoots, tolerates a lack of moisture well, and is resistant to diseases. The fruits are oblong and small in size, which makes them especially convenient for canning. Vegetables keep their shape well in the jar, do not creep. The variety is ideal for preparing blanks for the winter.

Anna Ilyinichna, 60 years old, Chelyabnsk

I always prefer growing tomatoes in the open field. I like this method for its simplicity. Most tomatoes are thermophilic plants and require greenhouse conditions, so the emergence of hybrids was a real treat for me. The advantages of this variety are in its small size, lack of pinching and the need for pesticide treatment. In terms of yield and taste, tomatoes grown in the garden are in no way inferior to greenhouse ones. I even like the first ones more. They are more warming, more juicy and sweeter in taste. Tomatoes for open ground are a real find for the gardener, which will help not only significantly save time, but also energy.

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