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Scaly webcap: photo and description

Scaly webcap is a conditionally edible representative of the Spiderweb family. But due to the lack of taste and a weak musty aroma, it has no nutritional value. It grows among spruce and deciduous trees, in a humid place. Occurs singly or in small groups from August to October.

Description of the scaly spider web

Since the mushroom belongs to the 4th group of edibility, it is important to be able to distinguish it and to know the time and place of growth. Therefore, acquaintance with the scaly cobweb must begin with external characteristics.

The fungus grows in humid places

Description of the hat

The bell-cap, as it ripens, straightens and becomes flat-convex. The surface is covered with light brown or rusty brown skin with dark coffee scales. The edges are light, sometimes they take on an olive tint.

The spore layer consists of rare, partially adherent plates, which are covered with a thin web at the initial stage of development. At the beginning, they are colored in a light chocolate color with a purple tint, as they grow, they become rusty-brown. Reproduction occurs by microscopic spores that are in a whitish powder.

In cooking, only caps of young mushrooms are used.

Leg description

The small, slender stem is club-shaped. The surface is smooth, light brown in color. Closer to the ground, the leg thickens, and the color changes to dark rusty. The pulp is loose, light purple in color, tasteless, with an unpleasant musty odor.

The fleshy leg has an unpleasant odor

Where and how it grows

This representative prefers to grow in a humid place, near water bodies, on wet moss, among spruce and deciduous trees. Grows in small families, bears fruit from August to October.

Is the mushroom edible or not

Scaly webcap after prolonged heat treatment is used in cooking. Fried, stewed and canned dishes can be prepared from the harvested crop. Only the caps of young specimens are used for food. Mushroom picking should be carried out in dry, sunny weather, in ecologically clean places.

Doubles and their differences

Scaly webcap, like all inhabitants of the forest, has similar twins. These include:

  1. Red olive - a conditionally edible representative of the mushroom kingdom. You can recognize the species by a spherical or open hat of lilac-purple color. The leg is fleshy, slightly purple in color. The pulp is dense, the taste is bitter. A rare fungus, it settles in mixed forests in small groups. It bears fruit during the whole warm period.

    Grows in mixed forests

  2. Gray-blue is a large, edible specimen, with a mucous cap of a sky-purple color. The purple, dense flesh has a bitter taste and an unpleasant aroma. Despite this, after long boiling, it is used in cooking. It is rare, grows in deciduous forests in numerous families.

    Fruiting from August to October


Scaly webcap is a conditionally edible mushroom. It grows in mixed forests; caps of young species are used in cooking. To recognize a mushroom, it is important to know a detailed description, view photos and video materials.

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