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Tea-hybrid rose Black Magic (Black magic): photo and description, reviews

Rose Black Magic is a flower of fantastic color. Breeders very rarely manage to approach a black shade when breeding new varieties. Dark colored roses are considered a symbol of modern style and taste. They are popular among connoisseurs of extraordinary varieties and beauty lovers.

To grow a luxurious flower, you should carefully follow the recommendations of agricultural technology.

Breeding history

The Black Magic variety was bred in Germany in 1995. The breeder of the Tantau company Hans Jürgen Evers worked on its creation. The countries of Europe and Germany registered a rose called Black Magic in 1997. The official name of the variety is at the same time a trademark. Among American flower growers, the rose gained recognition and distribution in 1998. Breeding patent granted to Jackcon & Perkins, which has owned it since 2001.

The variety belongs to a hybrid tea variety, the species KORlimit, or Cora Marie (Cordes), and Red Velvet, or TANorelav (Tantau) were selected for crossing. Both have dark red petals.

For its beauty and unique characteristics, Black Magic won the Golden Rose Award in Baden-Baden (2000), the American Rose Society (AARS) Long Bloom Prize (2010), the Queen of the Show (2011) ...

Bred Black Magic as a cut plant, the rose can be found in the gardens of flower growers around the world.

Description and characteristics of the variety of hybrid tea roses Black magic

The main advantage of a rose is a luxurious flower. It is the shape and color of the buds that is the main distinguishing characteristic of any variety. External parameters of Black Magic:

  1. Bush. Vigorous, erect, about 1.0-1.5 m high. The width of the bush is 1.0 m. It is dense, almost without a gap, but the lower part may be bare. The number of spikes is minimal. Young growths of the Black Magic variety are often bronze colored.
  2. The leaves are glossy, large, rich green. In cool regions, the edges of the leaf blades have a red tint. It depends on the climatic conditions.
  3. The flowers are maroon, sometimes almost black. Collected from 35-50 velvet petals, which bend slightly when the bud opens. 1 bud is formed on the stem, in some cases you can see a brush of 4 buds. The petals are rather large, the size of one is 8-10 cm. The blossoming flower of Black Magic has a different color. From almost black, it changes to dark red or burgundy. The cultivar's resistance to rain is average, the aroma is weak.

Important! The color of the petals of the variety depends on the composition and acidity of the soil, the place of planting, the climate of the region.

The higher the acidity of the soil, the darker the color of the petals.

The plant can stand in the cut for up to 14 days without losing its decorative effect. Additional characteristics of the Black Magic variety:

  1. Bloom. Rose Black Magic from the category of re-blooming. The bush blooms for a long time and abundantly. The break between the waves is almost invisible. The first buds of any wave bloom slowly, so the pause between waves is smoothed out. The flowering period lasts from early summer (June-July) to mid-autumn (September-October). The dates may shift slightly, they depend on the region of cultivation of the variety. The first time the bush is covered with buds the next year after planting.
  2. Temperature conditions. Black Magic is a thermophilic rose. But, it can withstand cold temperatures well. According to the description, the rose can hibernate when the temperature drops to -23.3 ° C. Gardeners in the reviews indicate a different maximum value - 18 ° C frost. The variety tolerates high temperatures and even heat well.
  3. Disease resistance. It is classified as medium. Under unfavorable weather conditions, fungal infections can develop on the rose.

Due to its characteristics, the Black Magic variety is grown by gardeners all over the world. Even in hot countries like Africa and Australia.

The variety can be grown commercially

Advantages and disadvantages of the variety

The unique Black Magic rose stands out among other varieties for its positive qualities. Therefore, rose growers try to plant this variety in their plots.

Even the presence of flaws does not reduce the value of the variety.

The main advantages of the Black Magic rose:

  • extraordinary spectacular color of the petals;
  • resistance of buds to rain;
  • the ability to withstand low and high ambient temperatures;
  • re-flowering;
  • disease and pest resistance;
  • unpretentiousness to soil moisture.

Among the disadvantages of roses, florists distinguish:

  • increased love of light (with a lack of light, the color of the petals changes);
  • the need for systematic top dressing due to the demanding variety for the amount of trace elements in the soil.

Due to its resistance to diseases and pests, gardeners do not need to carry out repeated treatments of the rose.

Reproduction methods

Breeders use grafting and seed variation. You can independently propagate the Black Magic variety in two ways:

  1. By cuttings. The procedure cannot be called too complicated. The gardener will need to prepare lignified or semi-lignified cuttings. You need to cut them on the shoots at an angle of 45 °. The diameter of each is at least 5 mm, the length is 10-12 cm, the presence of 3-4 internodes is required. Then soak the shanks in the root former solution (according to the instructions). Plant on a prepared bed, cover with a cap or foil.

    Important! The cuttings of the rose should not come into contact with the covering material.

    Cuttings need only be harvested with a well-sharpened and disinfected tool.

  2. After rooting, carefully dig up the Black Magic seedlings and store them in the basement at a temperature of + 4-6 ° C. In the spring, land on a permanent place. You can also leave the cuttings of the rose in the garden, but with quality shelter for the winter. The plant will be full-fledged in 2 years, and by the third it will bloom.
  3. Division of the bush. In the spring, before bud break, select a rose bush, dig it out, divide the root system into parts. There should be roots and 2 shoots on the cut. Cut them to 3 buds, shorten long roots. Plant new seedlings of the Black Magic rose in the prepared holes. Then they need to be watered and slightly spud. The flowering of the bush will begin 2 years after transplanting.

Both options equally allow you to preserve all varietal characteristics in new seedlings of the Black Magic rose.

Planting and caring for a rose Black magic

Correctly performed planting is the key to good development and lush flowering of a dark-colored variety. To do this, you must complete a number of steps:

  1. Meet the deadlines. The Black Magic rose should be planted in the fall from early September to mid-October. But this is only in warm areas. Where the cold begins early, it is better to postpone the planting in the spring (before bud break). Optimally - April, early May.
  2. Select a footprint. It should be well lit and sheltered from the winds from the north. You can limit the space of the rose garden to tall shrubs or a group of trees.
  3. Prepare the soil. For a rose, add a mixture of humus, compost and sand to the garden soil. Take the components in equal amounts.
  4. Prepare Saplings of Black Magic. Cut off shoots, but not all. It is necessary to leave 3-4 powerful branches, only to shorten them to 10-15 cm. It is important that 2-4 buds remain on each of them. Trim broken, damaged roots. In this case, it is recommended to leave small branches. If the seedling is not planted immediately after purchase, then the roots should be placed in a clay chatter for the preservation period.

Planting process varieties:

  1. Dig a hole 50x50 cm in the selected area.
  2. Pour a nutritious substrate to the bottom, to which add wood ash (1 cup) and complex fertilizer for roses (1 tbsp. L.).
    Important! Sprinkle the fertilizer with soil a little.
  3. Place the seedling of the variety vertically, straighten the roots.
  4. Cover with soil so that there are no voids left between the roots. The neck should remain above the ground.
  5. Lightly compact the ground, water and mulch.

    Correct planting guarantees good development of the seedling

Further care of the variety consists of traditional measures for the crop:

  1. Watering. The rose must be watered at the root so that the water does not fall on the leaves. This will prevent fungal infections from occurring. The best time is morning or evening, when there is no active sun. Watering the Black Magic variety is recommended rare, but abundant. Of course, subject to weather conditions.
  2. Top dressing. The first feeding of a rose should be considered fertilizing when planting. At the time of leaf blooming, the plant needs nitrogen. You can add humus or a complex mineral composition of ammonium nitrate (25-40 g), superphosphate (50-60 g) and potassium salt (15-20 g). At the end of July, the variety will need another top dressing of superphosphate and potassium (30 g each), nitrogen (20 g) per 1 sq. m. September is the time for the introduction of phosphorus (20 g) and potassium (40 g).
  3. Weeding and loosening. You need to loosen very carefully so as not to touch the roots of the Black Magic rose. Mulching will help slow down the appearance of weeds.
  4. Pruning. The first procedure is required in early spring. The dead and not overwintered rose shoots should be removed. Cut off the rest to 2-3 buds. The second time the rose variety needs to be processed after the first flowering. Now you need to shorten the faded and weakly flowering shoots to a developed bud. Then spud the rose bush.
  5. Preparing for winter. The first step is to remove the lower leaves from the shoots of the rose. Then huddle the bush to a height of 40 cm, remove damaged and new shoots, bend the bush to the ground. As soon as the first frosts begin, install a frame over the rose, cover it with non-woven material. In the southern regions, you can do with hilling roses with additional compost insulation.

In regions with warm winters, it is enough to mulch the bush.

All collected foliage should be burned.

Pests and diseases

The variety can be affected by fungal infections. The main reasons are thickened plantings, waterlogging, excessive application of nitrogen fertilizers, poor-quality harvesting of plant residues. It is necessary to strictly observe the requirements of agricultural technology and carry out preventive treatments with fungicides.

The Black Magic rose bush can be attacked by pests - rose sawfly, aphid, rose leafworm, spider mite, click beetle. To prevent this from happening, you need to spray the rose with broad-spectrum pesticides in early spring. If pests are found, you will have to use insecticides.

Application in landscape design

Rose variety Black Magic fits perfectly into any style of composition. Only during registration it is necessary to take into account some of the nuances. To create a modern and elegant flower bed, it is recommended to combine the hybrid tea rose with herbaceous plants. Perennial and annual crops are suitable. Delphiniums and daylilies look good in the background. It is advisable to choose flowers of pastel color, pale blue or white.

The Black Magic rose looks great on the lawn or next to ornamental shrubs. The dark color of rosebuds is combined with the color of cotoneaster, privet, mock orange, honeysuckle, viburnum.

The variety looks spectacular in single plantings and next to other hybrid tea varieties. For example, the Golden Magic variety has golden-orange buds. The contrasting duo is very effective. Steppe almonds and chaenomeles create a good background for a dark rose.

When located on a lawn, a rose does not even need neighbors


Rose Black Magic will delight owners for a very long time with its extraordinary appearance. To do this, you need to follow all the points of care for the variety, taking into account the recommendations of experienced gardeners.

Reviews of the rose Black magic

Reviews serve as an excellent addition to the description and photo of the Black Magic rose.

Elena Vasilievna Kozyreva, 32 years old, Krasnodar

When growing the variety, Black Magic noticed that in low light, the flowers lose their unique color. Therefore, I always choose the landing site very carefully. Another nuance is to accurately observe the proportions and feeding schedule. The variety does not like nitrogen overdose, it is picky about the composition of the soil. If you want to have a queen on the site, then you need to work hard.

Stepan Sergeevich Tolmachev, 46 years old, Belgorod

I grow this variety for cutting. There are bushes in the open field and in the greenhouse. It is important to remember that as the acidity of the soil increases, the shade of the buds becomes darker. Long shoots Black Magic forms when properly pruned. This point of care also needs to be paid attention. Waterlogging and food overdose are undesirable. If such mistakes are not allowed, then the variety grows great.

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