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Peretz Admiral Nakhimov F1

For lovers of growing sweet bell peppers, the Admiral Nakhimov variety is ideal. This variety is versatile. It can be grown both in a greenhouse and on a regular garden bed in the open field. Due to its versatility, this species, judging by the reviews, is in great demand among gardeners.

Description of the variety

Pepper "Admiral Nakhimov" belongs to the category of mid-season hybrids. The ripening period ranges from 110 to 120 days. Bushes are medium, up to 90 cm in height.

The photo shows that the fruits of the Admiral Nakhimov pepper are large, rounded, weighing 350 grams.

The color of the ripe pepper is bright red. The wall thickness is 8-9 mm, which allows the vegetable to be used not only for making salads and canning, but also for stuffing.

Positive properties of the hybrid

Of the positive properties of the hybrid variety, it should be noted:

  1. Resistant to tobacco mosaic viruses and spotted wilting.
  2. The increased content of sugar and vitamins in fruits, which has a positive effect on the taste.
  3. Storage duration.

Advice! "Admiral Nakhimov", in addition to fresh consumption, canning and stuffing, can be frozen.

With this storage method, vegetables do not lose their taste and useful properties.

Pepper "Admiral Nakhimov F1" is an excellent solution for those who are engaged in vegetable growing in climatic zones, unsuitable for soil cultivation and cultivation of sweet bell peppers. The variety is a real find for lovers of stuffed peppers and home preservation.


Inga Veniaminovna, 58 years old, Samara

I have been planting bell peppers for a long time. This year I decided to plant seedlings in open ground. A neighbor at the dacha advised the Admiral Nakhimov hybrid. I tried it. I really liked it. The peppercorns are all as in the picture with seeds: bright, of the same rounded shape. It tastes sweet and juicy. Ideal for stuffing.

Olga, 37 years old, St. Petersburg

I have been growing hybrid varieties for 3 years. They conquered me with their simplicity and unpretentiousness in growing, resistance to diseases. In terms of taste, hybrids are in no way inferior to classic varieties. Vegetable salads are juicy, fresh and appetizing. A pronounced peppery aroma lends a zest to any dish, adding a sophisticated touch of sophistication to it.

Marina, 26 years old, Moscow

I fell in love with the Admiral Nakhimov pepper variety for its appearance and unique taste. I really like to cook various dishes from it. With him, I can give free rein to my imagination and turn an ordinary dinner into a festive event. Stuffed peppercorns are delicious.

Watch the video: Admiral Nakhimov. Sevmash (June 2021).