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Video: Garden shredder in the test - Marktcheck takes a close look at 4 products

There are trees, bushes and shrubs in almost every garden. No matter how beautiful they look and bloom in summer, in autumn they have one major disadvantage. They need to be cut frequently. As if that weren't enough work, the clippings still have to be disposed of. It is not surprising that some gardeners long for a garden shredder. Here, the clippings are placed in a funnel-shaped opening, shredded and then come out as a small chop in the grass catcher. This can then be processed in the garden or disposed of.

The look of garden shredders is basically the same, but they differ enormously in terms of technology. If you are thinking about buying a chopper, you should inform yourself well in advance. In order to make the decision a little easier for laypeople, Marktcheck did the test. In the video set above, four choppers from different price segments were closely examined, sometimes with surprising results. But see for yourself.

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