Poppies: These are the most beautiful varieties for the garden

Many only know the bright red poppy. There are also yellow, orange and blue varieties. We will introduce you to the most beautiful varieties here.

Pastel-colored Turkish poppies Brightly colored pops of color, petals that sway gently in the wind and enchant with their delicate fragility - poppies are among the most beautiful garden and wild plants.

In contrast to opium poppies, which contain opiates, the cultivation of Turkish poppy, gold poppy and other varieties is allowed in Germany. You have the choice between annual and perennial plants.

Untamed nature in fiery red: wild poppies

The wild poppy or corn poppy is the best known representative. It often blooms on the edge of grain fields. The flower color is visible from afar, it looks particularly beautiful in larger groups. The plant is annual and does not need any special care. After the flowering period from May to August, the seed pods ripen, after which the wild poppy sows itself.

The Turkish poppy - colors from white to violet

Turkish poppy is a cultivated, perennial poppy plant. Numerous varieties are available here.

- “Khedive” has feathery, slightly serrated petals and is pink with white sprinkles.

- The “Turk louis” appears in the typical poppy red, has frayed petals and a pronounced, dark heart.

- “Patty's Plum” is an English strain in a subtle shade of blue and red. The petals are grouped twice around the heart.

- “Perry's White” is also from England. The filigree, white leaves look like the finest tissue paper.

- The “Princess Victoria Luise” variety captivates with a delicate rose tone, crumpled petals and an intensely colored center.

- "Royal Wedding" is a real gem: Large, white petals with a dark pharynx are grouped around a dark heart. When the seed pod forms, violet is added as an additional eye-catcher.

- “Black Paeonie” has dark purple petals. The double flowers are reminiscent of peonies.

- “Ali Baba” with its very large, bright red petals is a dream from the Arabian Nights.

Other interesting poppy varieties

California gold poppy

Poppies don't always have to be white, pink or red. California gold poppy comes with yellow and peach-colored flowers. Well-known varieties are "Butter Bush" in a delicate yellow, "Thai Silk" in apricot and "Pure Champagne" in a light ivory. These varieties lack the dark middle.

Iceland poppy

Iceland poppy is also available in numerous colors from white to yellow and orange to red or as a ready mix (such as here). It has particularly large petals and is represented in the garden as a year or perennial.

Prickly poppy

Prickly poppy is a type of poppy from South America that occurs with prickly leaves and seed pods. The flowers are white to yellow.

Blue poppy seeds

The blue poppy or poppy poppy actually blooms blue, but it is also available with yellow flowers. If you are looking for a flowering plant that enlivens the garden with an unbelievably beautiful shade of blue, then the varieties "Blue Himalayan Poppy" or "Tender Touch" are just right.