Planting palm lily - tips on location, time of planting and soil conditions

Palm lilies are quite undemanding and frugal plants, although they are actually very exotic contemporaries. Those who plant them in the garden have little work, but create an absolute view.

Palm lily likes it warm and sunny The palm lily also occurs under the name Yucca filamentosa. However, the palm lily has nothing to do with the yucca palm that you know as a houseplant. The garden yucca is a perennial, hardy perennial that is a great eye-catcher with its magnificent white flowers in the field and in the tub.

The plant grows up to two meters high and enchants the garden with a Mediterranean flair with its white lily-like flowers. Although it is a very exotic plant, it is quite frugal. There are few requirements that you have to meet.

➜ The ideal location

Warm, bright and sunny as possible - this is how the palm lily feels comfortable. She can stand calmly in the blazing sun. A place to the south in front of a wall or a house wall is optimal. So the plant has a lot of heat and wind protection at the same time. It can reach a circumference of up to one meter, so make sure you keep enough distance when planting.

If you place the garden yucca in a bucket, a sunny and sheltered place is also important. The warmer the palm lily is, the less effort it takes to care for it and the more abundant it is to bloom - so the search for the best place is worth it!

➜ Soil quality

The palm lily is not very happy. A permeable, dry to loamy soil is perfect. In the garden, prepare the soil by mixing clayey garden soil with a lot of sand and gravel. The soil should only have a moderate nutrient content. If you want to test the pH value, values ​​from neutral to basic are good. With the addition of lime, you can steer the value in the right direction. If you have a stony or chalky corner in the garden where nothing else wants to grow properly, this place can be ideal for garden yucca - if it is sunny.

" Watch out: A high groundwater level or the proximity to a pond are unfavorable. In addition to the nature of the floor, you must also pay attention to the other circumstances.

If you want to keep the palm lily in a bucket, you should also make sure that the soil is dry, humus-rich and permeable and consists of a mixture of sand and gravel. Good drainage on the bottom of the pot prevents waterlogging.

➜ The best time to plant

The garden yucca grows well in late spring from May to June. Young plants should not get frost, so a late spring is ideal. Water well after insertion.

➜ Watering and fertilizing

The water supply is important in the first weeks, later you only need to water occasionally. You can see on the leaves whether the plant receives enough water. Very long dry and hot phases lead to sagging leaves, then simply grab the watering can. The palm lily likes calcareous water.

Fertilizer is not essential. If you fertilize, please sparingly and only once in spring. Organic full fertilizer is very suitable, but compost also works. Freshly used, young palm lilies take up to three years to flower for the first time.