Video: tie herbal wreath - use fragrant herbs for decoration

Herbs are not only used in the garden kitchen, but can also be used for decoration. A real eye-catcher on doors and even on the table can be herbal wreaths, which with fragrant herbs are even an experience for the nose.

Tying a wreath is not that difficult. All you need is the right herbs, a pre-made wreath, binding wire or moss and fun with creativity. The most popular herbs include rosemary, sage, chamomile, lavender and tarragon. Small chillies are also often used to add interesting pops of color. When you have all the materials together, you're ready to go. How? Sandra Schmidt from YouTube channel BLOOM's TV Deco & Lifestyle shows you this in the video above. Here you will be presented with two different options. At the end there is even an extra tip on how to decorate homemade herb liqueurs magically. A great gift idea!

Have fun watching and copying !!!