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Lunar calendar for planting peppers for seedlings in 2021

Pepper is a very delicate and capricious culture. It's all to blame for its extremely sensitive root system, which reacts even to the slightest change in the conditions of care. This is especially true only for emerging seedlings and young seedlings. Therefore, using the lunar calendar when growing this crop can significantly increase the chances of getting healthy and strong pepper seedlings. Moreover, the coming year 2021 will provide a lot of opportunities for this. We will tell you about when it is better to sow peppers for seedlings according to the lunar calendar in 2021, as well as auspicious days for caring for young plants in this article.

What is the lunar calendar and why is it needed

Of all the heavenly bodies, the Moon is closest to us - the only satellite of our planet. It is she who, in all phases of her cycle, often looks into our window. It's no secret that it has an impact on the Earth and its inhabitants. We can observe this influence during the ebb and flow. In addition, it has an effect on plants, forcing them to grow better, or, conversely, to slow down their growth. Even ancient farmers knew about this feature, who sowed various crops depending on the phases of the Earth's satellite.

For the first time, the lunar calendar began to be used by the ancient priests of Babylon. It was they who noticed the constantly repeating periods of the change of the lunar phases. Observing the movements of the earth's satellite, they developed the first lunar calendar and based it on the lunar month, which consists of lunar days.

Each cycle or month of the lunar calendar begins on a new moon - the period when the sun and moon are connected. But this calendar is not tied to the Sun, and the lunar day does not correspond to the length of an ordinary day. The shortest ones can last from 6 to 12 hours. In total, the lunar month can be from 29 to 30 days.

The modern lunar calendar is not just about observing the phases of the earth's satellite. This is a whole science, which also includes the periods when the Moon is in one of the 12 signs of the zodiac.

Important! In 2017, the 13th zodiac sign was introduced, called Ophiuchus. But he was not included in the zodiacal circle.

Therefore, this calendar continues to use the 12 signs of the zodiacal circle.

So what is the use of this calendar for gardeners? Natural rhythms are directly related to the phase of the earth satellite. For example, the growing moon promotes the early emergence of seedlings. The waning moon, on the other hand, helps to build up the root system. In addition, the features of the zodiacal signs, through which the earth's satellite passes in certain phases, are also important. Using this data correctly, you can grow strong and healthy plants that can bring a good harvest.

The influence of lunar phases and signs of the zodiac on pepper seedlings

In one lunar month, the earth satellite goes through 4 cycles:

  • I quarter;
  • II quarter;
  • III quarter;
  • IV quarter.

In the first two quarters, the moon grows, and in the third and fourth quarters, it decreases. It was this feature that formed the basis of the lunar calendar used by gardeners. It is believed that along with the growth of the earthly satellite, plants that bear fruit above the ground also grow. But the waning moon affects the roots and roots. That is why it is recommended to plant peppers for seedlings during the growth of the earth's satellite.

Important! Seedlings planted on a waning moon can also turn out to be quite strong, but they cannot please with a high yield.

But not only its phases affect the seedlings of peppers. The sign of the zodiac in which it is located also matters. As you know, the signs of the zodiac are divided into 4 groups:

  • fiery, which includes Sagittarius, Aries and Leo;
  • earthly, including Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo;
  • airy ones, which include Aquarius, Gemini and Libra;
  • aquatic, namely Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio.

Each of these zodiacal groups has its own particular influence on plants.

Fire signs are able to influence the terrestrial part of plants, improving its growth and fruit formation. Especially when the young Moon is in these signs. It is at this time that it is recommended to plant peppers for seedlings.

Now consider the signs of the earth. Who else but them to influence the underground part of the plants. It is the roots and fruits hidden in the earth that will grow during the period of the passage of the earthly satellite through Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. And since the pepper plant bears fruit with the ground part, planting it on seedlings while the Moon is in these signs is not the best idea. But this time is great for fertilizing the soil.

The time of the passage of the Earth satellite through the signs of the air element is also not very suitable for sowing pepper. At this time, all the influence is directed to flowers, to which pepper does not belong. Also, this period is not suitable for watering flowering peppers. They will become more susceptible to disease and pest attacks.

The moon in water signs is the best period for watering and fertilizing, especially if it is growing. Plants watered at this time will be able to grow strong bushes, and their fruits will be large in size. But you still need to refrain from planting seeds while the earth's satellite is in these signs.

And now let's summarize when it is better to plant peppers on seedlings and take care of them:

  • on the days of the new and full moon, as well as on the days of its eclipse, any garden work should not be carried out;
  • The best opportunity to plant, transplant and fertilize plants comes when the earthly satellite passes through Capricorn, Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio;
  • not all seeds will sprout if you plant pepper on seedlings while the satellite of the Earth is in Virgo, Sagittarius and Aries;
  • almost zero germination will be when sowing seeds with the Moon in Gemini, Aquarius, Leo and Libra, but this time will be the best for weeding a pepper bed.
  • a favorable time for watering comes when the moon is in the signs of the water element, namely in Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio;
  • fertilization with minerals is best done during the growth of the earth's satellite, and it is better to apply organic fertilizers only during the period III and IV of the moon;

All these recommendations are valid from year to year. It is not for nothing that many gardeners, before the start of the sowing season, purposefully check the lunar calendar, determining the most suitable days for planting and caring for crops.

Important! These recommendations do not give a 100% guarantee of high quality and healthy seedlings.

Without proper care for this crop, even planting on the most auspicious day will not bring good results.

Growing peppers for seedlings according to the lunar calendar in 2021

The lunar calendar for 2021 is very supportive of gardeners. He will give them quite a few days when you can plant peppers on seedlings and take care of them.

Sowing peppers for seedlings in 2021

Given that the seeds of this culture take a long time to germinate, they should be planted in February or March. Moreover, in February, the days when it is best to plant pepper seedlings are much more than in March.

Advice! When planting seeds in April, it is worth giving preference to ultra-early, early or medium-early varieties.

Late varieties planted in April may not have time to form fruit.

Pick and transplant pepper seedlings in 2021

Picking and replanting young plants is a very important procedure for this crop. She has a very weak root system, so she can rather poorly tolerate the change of their habitual place of growth. In order to minimize the consequences of these procedures, it is recommended to look into the lunar calendar before starting them.

As a rule, picking and transplanting of young plants is carried out until June inclusive:

Fertilizing pepper seedlings in 2021

Fertilization of both young and already adult seedlings is also best done according to the lunar calendar. This will allow the roots to fully assimilate all the nutrients from the earth.

Planting pepper according to the lunar calendar, as well as caring for seedlings, does not free the gardener from carrying out full and comprehensive care of this crop. But by checking this calendar, you can significantly improve the result from certain procedures, and increase the chances of getting a bountiful harvest. Therefore, we recommend watching a video about the rules for caring for young plants of this capricious representative of the Solanaceae:

Watch the video: Physician Turned Gardener Explains How Planting By the Moons Phase Can Produce Healthier Crops (May 2021).