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Cherry Sinyavskaya

Cherry Sinyavskaya belongs to a winter-hardy early-ripening variety with delicate fruits that have excellent taste and appearance.

Breeding history

The breeder Anatoly Ivanovich Evstratov was engaged in the breeding of winter-hardy species of sweet cherries. When selecting, creating new varieties, he used non-standard methods of selection, in which the primary seeds of the plant are affected by gamma radiation and substances that enhance the activity of the plant. Such experiments were carried out on trees in the Tula and Kursk regions. As a result, the most hardy ones were selected, which were then tested in the suburbs. Thus, the Sinyavskaya cherry variety appeared.

Below is a photo No. 1 of the Sinyavskaya cherry.

Description of culture

The Sinyavskaya cherry variety belongs to medium-sized. An adult tree reaches a height of 5 meters, the crown shape looks wide and round. The leaves are large, oval, smooth, dull, and have a deep green color. The leaf blade is flat, with an even edge, and has medium stipules. The inflorescence consists of three medium white flowers. Fruits are dark red in color, have a round shape, weight about 4.6 grams. Delicate red-yellow skin. Fruiting on bouquet branches, as well as on annual growth.

The best place for planting and growing Sinyavskaya cherries is most of Russia, as well as the mountainous and northern territories of Scandinavia. With success it turns out to collect a good harvest in the Moscow region and south of Moscow.

For planting and successful cultivation, light soil with a small addition of clay is suitable. Composite soil should be neutral.

Below is a photo No. 2 of the Sinyavskaya cherry.

Attention! Sweet cherries have the ability to be decorative during spring and summer.


The variety is distinguished by its sweet and sour spicy taste, juicy and tender pulp. A small berry pit is easily separated from the pulp. With good care, the plant has the ability to produce a large number of fruits annually.

Drought resistance, winter hardiness

It is characterized by drought resistance. Sinyavskaya cherries have a high frost resistance.

Pollination, flowering period, ripening time

Pollinators for Sinyavskaya cherry - varieties Chermashnaya, Krymskaya. The variety is fast-growing. The flowering period is the beginning of May, the fruits ripen on July 10-15.

Productivity, fruiting

Productivity is high. In a fertile year, it is capable of producing up to 50 kilograms of berries from one adult tree.

Disease and pest resistance

It is slightly damaged by diseases and pests.

Important! Cherries are considered good neighbors of cherries on a personal plot.

Below is a photo No. 3 of the Sinyavskaya cherry.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of the variety include the following:

  • Annual large amount of harvest;
  • The sweet and sour dessert taste makes it possible to eat the berries fresh, and the dense pulp allows you to use the fruits for canning.

The disadvantages of the variety are:

  • The tree is considered mature and ready for maximum fruiting at the age of 11 years;
  • The variety is self-fertile, pollinators must be planted nearby.

Advice! During the ripening of the fruit, do not water the tree. This will keep the juicy and ripe berries intact.


Cherry Sinyavskaya is distinguished by a rather simple care in growing. And for the good work, it will delight its owners with a beautiful decorative flowering and delicious treats for children and adults. Bon appetit and high berry harvest!


Ivanova Elena, Moscow

For many years I have been growing Sinyavskaya cherries in my dacha and I am very happy. The variety has a beautiful white bloom and yields a large number of ripe, tasty berries. I advise everyone to buy seedlings and enjoy a delicious treat.

Veselova Olga, Ryazan

I met this variety when I decided to plant an orchard on my site. It has aromatic blooms and delicious juicy fruits. I advise you to grow in a garden!

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