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Set for cleaning the pool in the country

Regardless of the type of pool, you will have to clean the bowl and water without fail at the beginning and end of the season. The procedure can become more frequent with intensive use of the hot tub. In summer, daily cleaning of the outdoor pool is required. Closed hot tubs are less contaminated, but the water needs to be changed over time. There are many cleaning methods. The choice of the appropriate procedure depends on the design, material and volume of the bowl.

Large debris collection kits

In private yards and summer cottages, fonts with a maximum diameter or length of 4.5 m are usually installed. Together with the bowl, the owner will need a pool cleaning kit to collect leaves and other large debris in the water. The simplest set consists of a net and a small skimmer - a vacuum cleaner that sucks in the debris using a pump. All attachments are equipped with a telescopic bar allowing access to any area in the pool.

Advice! Sets from Intex are in great demand among owners of small pools. The set includes a corrugated hose with a length of 7.5 m. If necessary, it can be divided into three smaller sections. Also in the set for cleaning the font there are vacuum nozzles, a net, a filter flask, an aluminum sliding handle, a brush.

Robot vacuum cleaners

The pool robot handles large volumes of cleaning, which is able to independently clean every square centimeter of the bottom. The device is a vacuum cleaner. The difference from the manual model is that there is no need for control. The robot is simply immersed in water, plugged into a power outlet and waited for work to finish. The vacuum cleaner will do everything by itself in a matter of minutes. At the end of the work, the owner will only have to remove the filter bag, clean it of dirt and reinstall it.

The robot vacuum cleaner will keep the pool clean throughout the season. An additional plus is the increased service life of the water filter elements. The cartridges will need to be changed less frequently, as the robot will collect most of the dirt from the pool.

Important! The pool is cleaned by a robot without draining the water. The owner does not have the problem of disposing of a large amount of liquid. Additionally, the resource of pumping equipment is saved.

The video shows a clean pool without the use of chemicals:


The pool cleaning chemical is produced in the form of liquid, powder, tablets. Most often, the disinfection of the font is carried out in a complex manner. The funds are added to the water after mechanical cleaning. An integrated approach destroys all harmful microflora in the water.

Organic and inorganic deposits in the pool destroy coagulants. The chemical belongs to the active group. Coagulants destroy the nutrient medium in the water that promotes the growth of bacteria.

Longer water in the pool will remain clean after treatment with chlorine, active oxygen.

Attention! Chemicals cannot be added at random. The frequency of use is determined by analyzing the acidity level, as well as visually assessing the clarity of the water.

Among the popular chemicals for water purification, the following are distinguished:

  • Factory preparations containing active oxygen are considered the most harmless means for water purification. Despite the high level of safety, manufacturers recommend that the dosage be followed.
  • Chlorine products are usually available in pill form. Plastic or special powder coating prevents rapid dissolution in water. Chlorine-based products are effective for cleaning hot tubs, but hazardous to humans.
  • Cleaning products containing bromine are less hazardous to human health. After their application, there is no acrid smell in the pool. If it comes into contact with the mucous membrane or the body, no chemical burns occur.
  • Blue crystals of copper sulfate are often used as a folk remedy for pool cleaning. The drug reacts with harmful impurities in the water and destroys them.
  • For bactericidal water purification, silicon or shungite is placed at the bottom of the font. In the course of processing, harmful microorganisms and partially small contaminants are destroyed.

A method of water disinfection is considered harmless, where ozone or UV rays are used, as well as plates of silver and copper. However, when cleaning the pool in the country, such methods are rarely resorted to due to their high cost.

Basic cleaning methods

To know how to clean a pool, you need to determine the degree of its pollution, and then choose the appropriate method. It is important to take into account one rule: cleaning should return the aesthetic appearance of the font and at the same time be safe for humans. The native pool cleaning system, consisting of a filter, traps only dirt. It will not cope with bacteria and large debris floating in the water.

Chemical method

The circulation of water through the filter does not remove cloudiness. Simple pool cleaning in the country is usually done with cheap chemicals. Chlorine is most commonly used. The aggressive substance destroys nitrogenous compounds and most painful microorganisms, but some bacteria in the water survive.

Attention! Chlorine is poisonous and can cause burns to the body and mucous membranes. A particular danger to the respiratory system is created by vapors released from the substance when it reacts with water.

Bromine is less safe for cleaning the font. The drug works no weaker than chlorine, but not every summer resident can afford it. As an option, the safest disinfection of a summer cottage is the use of active oxygen.

To quickly clean the bottom and walls of the font from mucus, add a double portion of one of the drugs. Water is not drained during chemical cleaning. You can find out without analysis that it is time to clean the pool by changing the shade of the water. The liquid becomes opaque, acquiring a green or milky tint.

Clouded water in the hot tub results in the proliferation of harmful bacteria. Contamination is considered biological and is as dangerous to humans as exposure to chlorine. Microorganisms infect the skin of a bathing person, and if they enter the digestive system, they cause diseases. Green water can even burn the mucous membrane.

Water becomes green as a result of the multiplication of small algae. Algicides help to destroy the enemy. After processing, the water will become clear, but you still cannot swim in it. Even in the crystal clear liquid, pathogens remained to live. Fungi are especially dangerous. After the introduction of algicides, the water is purified again with disinfectants.

Turbid water in the font becomes for several reasons. The most common case is associated with simple clogging with dust, pollen from flowering plants, as well as other small specks that a standard filter cannot catch. Coagulants are used to clean the pool. The preparations turn small particles into large flakes that settle to the bottom of the font. When the cloudy water becomes clear, the sediment is collected with a vacuum cleaner.

Attention! Coagulants must not be used if the font cleaning system consists of a filter with a cartridge.

Microorganisms can cause cloudy water. The solution to the problem is conventional chemical disinfection.

If the measures taken did not give positive results, the reason lies in the composition of the water. We'll have to carry out a full analysis in the laboratory. Turbid water can be due to chemical composition, acid balance disturbance, mineral impurities.

Sometimes the water in the pool can take on a rusty tint. The reason is the high content of iron impurities in the natural source. When pumping from a well, water is driven through a filter. If the results are poor, coagulants are added to the pool for cleaning. The precipitated flakes are collected with a vacuum cleaner.

Important! A lot is not always good. Overdosing on any cleaner will cause chemical contamination. Getting rid of this problem is more difficult than clarifying the water.

Mechanical method

Considering how to clean the pool mechanically, you should first stop at hand tools. Of the standard cleaning tools you will need:

  • Brush. Collect fluff floating on the water, accumulations of fat or dirt with a hand tool.
  • Net. The tool resembles a device for catching fish or butterflies. Floating leaves, grass and other large debris are collected with a landing net.
  • Skimmer. A small vacuum cleaner with a brush collects small debris floating on the water and settling on the walls of the font. By design, skimmers are of the mounted and floating type.

Mechanical cleaning of the pool is performed at least once every three days. With intensive water pollution, the procedure is carried out daily. Mechanical cleaning of the hot tub is indispensable, even if modern cleaning systems are used with the pool.

It will not be possible to remove dirt impurities dissolved in water with a hand tool. Filters cope with this task. You need a pump for their work. The most common are two types of water filters:

  • The sand filter effectively cleans the water from small impurities that form sludge and cloudiness of the liquid. From the name it is clear that the filler is sand. The filter is suitable for most types of pools. Contaminated sand is changed over time or they try to rinse with clean water.
  • The cartridge filter is able to capture the smallest particles. The system is considered advanced, easy to maintain, but expensive. The life of the cartridge depends on the material of manufacture.

Reusable water purification cartridges can be rinsed, and disposable cartridges are immediately disposed of. The most effective is the model where the filter layer is a diatomaceous filler made from crushed shell rock. The disadvantage is the high cost, and you will have to change the cartridge at least 4 times per season.

The video shows a homemade sand filter for water:

Electrophysical method

Water purification in the pool by the electrophysical method does without the use of drugs. Expensive equipment will be required. The big advantage of the purification method is the preservation of the natural composition of the water.

The pool ozonation process is the most costly. Installation of expensive equipment and additional communications will be required. Ozone added to water is an oxidizing agent that kills bacteria.

Irradiation with UV rays is considered to be the simplest method, suitable for a summer cottage. Water disinfection is carried out with quartz lamps. The method is effective only for clear liquid. Turbid and green water is not penetrated by UV rays. First, lightening is done, and then disinfection with lamps.

Copper or silver plates are installed to ionize the water. The connection is made to the ionizer. The electrolytic plant produces active ions capable of disinfecting water for more than two weeks.

Important! The ionizer only works in conjunction with a sand filter.


You need to think about cleaning methods even before installing the pool. When the water in the font blooms, you need to act quickly, and a suitable preparation with a tool should be at hand.

Watch the video: Pool Care for Beginners- How to clean and maintain your pool- Filmed in 4k (June 2021).