Maintain coffee bush - water, fertilize and cut

The coffee bush is a very popular plant that thrives both indoors and outdoors. However, it must also be properly cared for.

The coffee bush is a popular houseplant that develops splendidly in the right location and with good care. From spring you can also place the plant in a sheltered place on the balcony or in the garden if the temperatures are constantly above 10 ° C. It is only important that you always observe the following care instructions. The right location is also important so that the coffee bush is always well.

Coffee bushes prefer a bright location

The coffee bush likes to be bright. But you have to protect young plants from too much sun. The blazing midday sun, in particular, can quickly burn the leaves of coffee bushes that stand on a south-facing window. The plants usually tolerate the sun better outdoors.

An airy but not drafty location is also important. Normal room temperatures are cheap, although the temperature can drop quietly in winter. Don't worry if the coffee bush drops the leaves in the fall. It is a normal process. It sprouts again in spring.

How to properly care for coffee bushes

Coffee bushes need a lot of water

Water abundantly from spring to autumn. Use soft, lime-free water at room temperature. The ball of earth should always be slightly damp. The pot needs a drain hole to prevent waterlogging.

In winter, the coffee tree takes a break. Then it is only poured from time to time so that the bale does not dry out completely. It is beneficial if you ensure higher humidity in every season - so spray the leaves with lime-free water every day, even in winter. If the leaves become too dry, the tips of the leaves turn dark. Also good for the moisture balance: Place the pot on pebbles in a water-filled saucer.

Regular application of fertilizers is important

From April to September, the coffee bush is happy to receive regular fertilizers. A low-lime liquid fertilizer is well suited, which you give diluted once a week with the irrigation water. Freshly used plants for which you use a nutrient-rich soil do not need any additional fertilizer in the first few months.

Cut the coffee bush

An occasional maintenance cut keeps the plant in shape. The coffee bush is cut-resistant, you can trim it every now and then all year round. The cut ensures a compact shape for young plants.

This is important for large coffee bushes

For large plants, use an earth mix that contains clay, gravel or perlite. This gives the shrub a stable position. Clay also stores moisture. If you choose the pot large enough, you don't have to repot the fast growing shrub too often. Now and then replace the top layer of earth with fresh, nutrient-rich soil.

Our tip:

If you can't get enough of the plant at all, you can multiply the coffee bush via seeds. It's totally easy and not difficult at all.